Producer, musician and content creator Ashley Sloggett hosts The 905 Board Holiday Reunion on December 9th in Hamilton as part of Past Presents Future at Corktown Irish Pub

"When we asked Producer, musician, content creator Ashley Sloggett to send us a bio to use to promote her hosting The 905 Board Holiday Reunion she hilariously sent this back. We decide to post the unedited version. In addition to being the best person to host this event, Ashley also recently launched a Discord channel in homage to the 905 Board, which was a valuable tool and community hub for the 905 music community in the early days if the internet. " - FB Editor

Honestly, as the hostess with the mostess of the official 905 Board Reunion, I don't know if we need an explanation. Anyone is going to see this post and be like "yeah, that sounds about right" and then get on with dying about the stacked lineup of pals.

You could mention the fact that I somehow weasled my way into becoming the poster girl (pun intended) for Burlington music in the MySpace era through sheer charm, and that XPaulKhoelerX got too busy with Silverstein so I was The Next Best Thing. It was actually all a ploy to find a band, or at the very least, trick all the MM kids into thinking I was kinda cool and not the brand of Liza Minnelli/Jack Black hybrid I was developing for myself at the time.

(Shoutout to Kevin from Simpleton for bringing me to the Music Gym to further line my boots with those much coveted xscenepointsx).

There's not much to say except that I was there, with my camera and my pom poms making sure there was always at least 1 person in the front row of every show. 

It all worked out in the end, but spoiler alert, south of the highway was way more my vibe. I don't figure that out until about 10 years into the origin story, but we make it eventually. I've always been a late bloomer. Leeeeeeet's go!

Ashley Sloggett hosts The 905 Board Holiday Reunion Show on December 9th 

SHIFT- D - 7:30PM - 7:55PM
THE NEO LUX - 8:10PM - 8:35PM
CATAPULT -  8:50PM - 9:20PM
THE TURN IT UPS -  9:35PM - 10:05PM
OKAYSWIMMER - 10:20PM - 10:50PM
SESSIONS - 11:05PM - 11:40PM