Toronto’s Public Mess define the acoustic-punk genre.                           

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Leatherface, The Mountain Goats, Off With Their Heads, and the Violent FemmesPublic Mess have created a unique one-of-a-kind sound. 

Public Mess features Cactus Vella on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Rob Fiasco on Acoustic Bass, and Andrew Heule on Drums.  

Public Mess blends acoustic-punk with hints of alt-country. Their debut EP “Too Many Ghosts” was recorded at Sandy Pockets Studio. A DIY recording studio located in the garage of Vella’s cottage. Mastered by Jon Drew, and released on Anxiety Attack Recordings.  

Cactus Vella has been playing in the Southern Ontario punk scene since the early 90's, both in bands, as well as a solo musician. He's been a member of such bands as Sinkin’ Ships, The Class Assassins, Plan 37, and Whiskey Hearts, to name a few. Rob Fiascoattended high school with Cactus, and the two friends have always wanted to play in a band together. Rob has also been at it for years with bands like Blank Stare, The Donnellys, and currently also playing with indie rockers CentraalAndrew Huele, who taught himself to play drums as a kid from a VHS tape, also plays in Stillwaves, as well as creates psychedelic electronic music under the moniker Howlin' Heule

 Public Mess just completed the recording of their 2nd EP and are currently getting ready to release it this winter. 

“This feels like what Tim Barry would sound like if Avail were backing his acoustic efforts. I like this a lot and I get the impression this is the kind of band it would be good to see with your friends as you stand shoulder to shoulder, pints in hand, singing along heartily.”

-Rich Cocksedge (Razorcake Magazine)

“Anthemic acoustic driven bluegrass punk rock that will have the entire barroom up on their feet and singing along. Imagine Lucero in a knife fight with the Angelic Upstarts topped off with decidedly Toronto-specific lyrics. It works. It really, really works. Fantastic.”

- Adam Sewell (Stereo Dynamite Inc.)

"...Their EP ‘Too Many Ghosts‘ is 18 minutes of anthemic and soulful punk rock with a great vocal turn by Cactus Vella. It’s the heart of punk rock with the musicianship of a trio of artists who have been around the Toronto music scene for decades..."
- Molly Tie (Punktuation Magazine)



Public Mess plays December 9th at Past Presents Future. Schedule below. 

DOORS - 7:00PM
PUBLIC MESS - 8:00PM - 830PM
LIVE ANIMALS  - 8:45PM - 9:15PM
DAMMIT GOLDIE -  10:15PM - 10:45PM
ORGAN THIEVES - 11:00PM - 11:50PM