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Nameless Friends think big. Big music. Big sound. Big ideas. Go big or go home. Which is why the ferocious rock band from London, Ontario, wrote their debut, original album “Blasphemy” (2023) about some of the biggest problems facing the modern world: right-wing bigotry, gendered violence, climate change, and economic inequality.

Fun times, right? But Nameless Friends is not a dour band. Far from it. This is also the band who put out a live album of Queen covers, recorded in front of a sold-out crowd at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern—because they’re the kind of band that can actually pull off a Queen cover set, with all the musical chops and sense of camp that requires. 

This balance of grandeur and frankness has the female-fronted, multicultural, queer-inclusive band striking powerful chords with their original tunes. They’re likely the only commercial rock band in the world to write a song about reproductive and menstrual rights (“7 Years of Blood”), and have amassed hundreds of thousands of views online for an epic “feud” with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe over the rights of transgender children.

“We’re trying to make music about the justice we want to see in the world, that’s also really bloody fun to listen to” says the lead singer, producer, and founding member known only to the outside world as Number One. “If anyone has ever dared to tell you that their sky daddy doesn't love you, this record is for you.” A revolving cast of fellow members - including Number Two, Number Three, Number Four, Number Five, Number Six, and Number Seven - concur.

Blasphemy is out on May 19, 2023. It was mixed by Andrew McLeod (Sunnsetter) and mastered by Darcy Proper at Proper Prent Sound. The band is touring across Canada to support it, hitting the prairies in fall 2023 and the east coast in spring 2024.







“Nameless Friends” performing live “Demons”

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