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Like A Motorcycle



Like A Motorcycle is a full frontal attack to a soundtrack.
Like A Motorcycle is an onslaught of bombastic queers and one, very patient, man. The co-dependant family of four deals in emotionally laden themes held tightly behind a shield of snotty petulance. Like A Motorcycle could beat you up but would rather fix you dinner. Like A Motorcycle are Canada’s sharp-edged sweet hearts. Like A Motorcycle are the friends you never asked for.

Since their 2016 debut, “High Hopes”, the band has been through the wringer.
Their 13-track sophomore album “Dead Broke” (2020) fist fought with more egregious aspects of being a rock band, and humans at large: witnessing your idols abuse their power, mental health & trauma, and heartbreak, all while being dead broke and subsisting on a dream.  The album was released in October 2020 to critical acclaim and resulting accolades, however, the album was never properly toured due to the pandemic.

Landlocked and forced to deal with the nuances of their relationships with one another, and more starkly, their mental health and wellness, LAM made some major changes which saw the restructuring of the band, an evolution of sound, and dedication to vulnerability, truth, and protecting one another.

Reunited with producer Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Now Now, Tegan and Sara) in January 2023, the band entered the studio to record LP #3 “Pretty Pleased” (set for release in spring 2024), and emerged with a testament to their comradery, commitment to growth, and vicious loyalty to one another. The 11-song album garners an undeniable evolution of the band in both musicianship and their ability to ferociously honor their truth and experience in regard to emotional admissions that are equal parts heart-wrenching and empowering.  Not here to take themselves too seriously, these four endlessly entertain themselves and everyone around them with their antics both onstage and online. 






“Like A Motorcycle” music video for “Skin”

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